Post-Conference Workshop Day

1st ADCs Outside of Oncology Day

10:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

10:10 am ADC for Non-Oncological Applications


  • An ADC for T cell suppression
  • Development of ADCs with bispecific carriers
  • Tissue specific delivery of antioxidants

10:40 am Sharing how an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Cures a Stage 1 Model of African Trypanosomiasis (Sleeping Sickness)


  • Understanding the emerging role of ADCs in non-oncological therapeutic areas
  • Gain insight on a generation of an ADC against a Trypanosoma brucei HpHb receptor
  • Examine how a single dose of this ADC cures the first stage of African Trypanosomiasis in a mouse model

11:10 am Panel Discussion: Developing ADCs for use in Non-Oncological Indications


  • Evaluating developing ADCs for diseases beyond oncology – where shall we go next?
  • Sharing lessons learned from R&D efforts to date
  • Understanding unique development issues with non-oncological indications

11:40 am Morning Refreshments

Exploring ADCs for Different Modes of Diseases

12:10 pm Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugate for the Treatment of Melioidosis


  • Antibodies have been assessed and demonstrated ability to opsonise Burkholderia pseudomallei in vitro as well as demonstrating anti-virulence effects
  • Two antibiotics have been successfully incorporated into a cathepsin cleavable linker, the cleaved products are functional against bacteria in vitro
  • A down-selected antibody and antibiotic-linker have recently been incorporated into a full antibody-antibiotic conjugate and is currently being investigated in macrophage cell infection assays

Analyzing the Components of the ADC that Impact a Non-Oncology ADC

12:40 pm Session Title TBC

  • Amy Han Director - Research & Development, Regeneron


More details to follow

1:10 pm Panel Discussion: Considerations for a Non-Oncology ADC Clinical Trial


  • Exploring how this differs from a ‘regular’ ADC trial
  • Key considerations and alterations to make the trial
  • Designing a trial from the Proof of Concept Phase

Looking at the First in Human Studies & Clinical Developments

1:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks