Thank you for joining World ADC Digital! - Meet your peers in person at World ADC London 2023.

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Welcome to World ADC Digital

Following the three approved ADCs last year and most recent approval in 2020 reaching a total of 8 ADCs now on the market, the sky is the limit for ADCs as they have well and truly proven their potential. 

This year with World ADC Digital, you can learn from these approvals and hear from the leading drug developers pushing to get the next ADC on the market at this premier digital event.

Dedicated to the progress of the ADC Community, we want to make sure that the global pandemic doesn’t stop us from bringing you the high quality content and networking opportunities you need to get more of these life changing drugs to market.

World ADC Digital will cover every element of ADC drug development making it your most important end-to-end learning experience of 2020, while enabling personal online interactions so that you can continue to build key collaborations within the ADC community.

With over 75 industry expert speakers sharing detailed presentations over 5 tracks, 4 focused seminar days and 10 interactive workshops, we have added many new elements to ensure we bring you the most cutting-edge content from the likes of Daiichi Sankyo, Seattle Genetics and Genentech and many more.

This September, join your peers digitally for the first time and immerse yourself in the world of antibody drug conjugates from the comfort of your home so together, we can continue to collaboratively drive forward the success we’ve seen over the last year.

Complete Your 4-day World ADC Digital Experience

Pre-Conference Seminar Day


Exploring in-depth the emerging areas of interest and hottest topics in the ADC field, take your pick from 4 pre-conference seminars.

Enjoy a full day of presentations, roundtable sessions and panel discussions that highlight the biggest opportunities in the space and address their unique challenges.

  • Introduction to ADCs Day
  • 1st Toxicity Day (NEW!)
  • 4th ADC & Combinations Day
  • 5th Analytical & Bioanalytical Day


2 Conference Days: 5 Tracks



Providing you and your team with the full end-to-end drug development landscape, the two main summit days are divided across 5 comprehensive tracks of learning and delve into the following topics:

  1. Discovery
  2. Translational
  3. Clinical
  4. Process Development
  5. Manufacturing  

Bring your team to divide and conquer, ensuring your whole company can benefit from the full range of world-class expertise being showcased from our 105 expert speakers.

Post-Conference Workshop Day


And finally, take those exciting discussions one step further by collaborating in an intimate environment with fellow ADC drug developers who are actively working on the same challenges as you.

Choose from 10 discussion-based, deep-dive workshops, including:

Design, Synthesis & Preclinical Validation of Next Generation Linker & Site-Specific Conjugation

 Cancer Drug Delivery Systems Based on the Tumor Microenvironment

 Scale Up, Outsourcing & Managing Complex Supply Chains

Don’t miss the chance to ask your specific questions to the topic experts, and leave equipped with the technical knowledge required to bring an antibody drug conjugate to market.

About World ADC Series

The World ADC team ploughs its collective energy into sourcing the insights you need. We investigate the most challenging problems facing the industry; source the leading experts who have game-changing solutions; and distill this into accessible formats of information exchange – for you. From globally leading conferences, to webinars and industry reports, whatever the information you need, World ADC can offer you the insights you need to accelerate your ADC programs.

The value World ADC provides you is the power of insight and connections. Not artificial, and not short-lived. We nurture the right environments in which people can communicate problems and solutions; share novel data and forge networks across the industry that will make each of your endeavors more informed and more robust.

We share a common belief with the industry – that the potential of antibody drug conjugates is enormous. In the war against cancer, ADCs can be a game-changer and we know that the right insights and connections can sharpen the weapons that are in your arsenal.

Join us at the heart of the ADC community to improve your programs and be part of the mission to develop better antibody drug conjugate drugs.

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